By nurturing the tradition of good relations with agricultural producers BCM TRADE has achieved high results in agribusiness in past years. Our major export assortment consist of corn, wheat, barley, animal flour.

The largest trade volume is realized with the countries: Macedonia, Albania,Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro ..

Major Partners: Cargill, ADM, COFCO, CHS

Since its establishment BCM Trade has been developing its core business in agroindustry, primarily by purchasing and exporting of cereals and oilseeds. Today BCM Trade as a reliable partner successfully cooperates with more than 1,000 primary agro producers, subcontractors and other companies.

Contact: Aleksandar Cvetić

Director of Internal and External Trade Tel:+381 63 251739 Email:

Contact: Miloš Vojvodić

Commercial director Tel.+381 63 218434


Company from the field of agroindustry


Purchase of cereals and oilseeds, wheat, corn, sunflower, soya and rapeseed.


BCM TRADE organizes and develops cooperative relationships with agricultural producers.

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